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The School of Chemistry and Environment was established in 1977 and started to recruit undergraduate students in 1989.


The School consists of 2 departments: Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering.


The School offers 5 undergraduate programs: Chemistry, Science Education, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Applied Chemistry and 3 master’s programs: Chemistry Primary Discipline, Chemistry Curriculum and Teaching Methodology and Chemistry and Science Education.


4 research institutions are affiliated to the School: Institution of Environmental Science and Engineering, Membrane Science and Engineering, Fine Chemical Engineering and Advanced Ceramic Materials.


There are 7 teaching and research section in the School: Inorganic and Material Chemistry, Organic and Fine Chemistry, Analysis and Monitoring, Physical Chemistry, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Science Education and Chemistry Teaching Methodology and Environmental Science.


At present in the School1476undergraduatesand 60 postgraduates arestudying for their degrees. TheSchoolemploys55 full-time teaching staff, including 10 professors, 21 associate professors and senior lab technicians and 21 PhDs, among whom 1 was elected as New Century Excellent Talents by Ministry of Education, 3 was elected as New Century Excellent Talents by Fujian Province and 3 are awardees of Excellent Youth Foundation of Fujian Province.


In the recent 5 years, the School has been granted 10 research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation and 52 provincial-level research projects and awarded 6 Excellent Natural Science Academic Papers of Fujian Province. 269 research papers were published on well-known journals such as Advanced Functional Materials, Nanoscale and Chemical Communications, among which 179 papers have been indexed by SCI(Science Citation Index) or EI (Engineering Index). More than 10 invention patents have been authorized in China.

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