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   The School of Physics and Information Engineering(SPIE) was founded in 1977. In 1988 it started admitting undergraduate students. In 2009 it obtained a master’s degree grant of Physics Curriculum and Teaching; in 2012 Computational Physics and Numerical Analysis. There are five full-time undergraduate disciplines, including normal physics(B.s), optoelectronic information science and Engineering(B.s), electronic information science and technology(B.Eng), electrical engineering and automation(B.Eng), and electronic information engineering (B.Eng). The professional and technical personnel of the school consists of 5 professors, 20 associate professors, 3 senior technicians and other faculties. Over 1600 students are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

    SPIE consists of 5 teaching staff groups (Physical, Electronic Information, Electrical Automation, Physics Experiment, Electrical and Electronic Experiments), 2 experiment teaching centers (Physics, Electrical and Electronic) and an institute of information technology. It has set up more than 20 laboratories for courses (Electronic Technology, Electric Technology, Single-chip Microcomputer Technology, High Frequency and Communication Technology, EDA and DSP Technology, Power Electronics Technology, PLC Technology, Measure and Control Technology, Principles of Electrical Machinery, Control Theory, Process Control, Signal and System, Sensor Technology, Optical Fiber Communications, Program-Controlled Exchange Technology, Photoelectronic Technique, WSN, General Physics, Modern Physics, Middle School Physics Teaching Method). Moreover, it owns an engineering practice center, a physical experimental demonstration room and a simulation laboratory. The total area of the laboratories is about 5000m², and the total value of all the equipment is up to about RMB 15.6 million.

    The objective of Normal Physics is to train physics teachers for general secondary education, while optoelectronic information science and Engineering focuses on the emerging photovoltaic industry.

    The other 3 engineering majors aim at meeting the employment needs of Hercynian manufacturing industries including electronics, communication, electro-mechanics, optoelectronics and instrumentation. Graduates with a teacher’s certificate can also engage in relevant vocational education fields.

    SPIE has placed great and long-term emphasis on training practical ability of students since its establishment. Teachers in the college have made great efforts in all kinds of practice teaching sessions such as skills training, curriculum design and graduation design. In addition to curricular practice teaching, it also carries out a large number of second-class technological innovation activities, such as National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Fujian College Students Optoelectronic Design Competition, Physical Grand View Garden (extracurricular scientific design contest).

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