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    TheSchoolofMathematicsand Statistics atMinnanNormalUniversitywas established in 2013. It is a natural expansion of the Department of Mathematics, which was initially founded in 1958. The School offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in several disciplines.


    Undergraduate Programs:Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Sciences, Statistics and Applied Statistics.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are majoring in Financial Mathematics and Teacher’s Training which is becoming a distinguished and recognized program and is considered as a key experimental base for training talented young teachers.


    Master’s Programs:Fundamental Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability and Mathematical, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research and Control Theory, Mathematics Curriculum, Education Master.


    Faculty:75 teaching staff, including 18 professors and 28 holding doctors' degrees.

    Scientific Research Achievements:In the past decades, the school has completed a number of national and provincial research projects, which yielded a significant amount of research output in high quality journals at home and abroad. Among these research projects and outputs, over 70 research publications have been selected by the Science Citation Index, 7 research projects have been funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China, and 13 research projects have been funded by the Natural Science Foundation of Fujain Province. Moreover, 5 research projects won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Fujian Province.


    Facilities:The school is equipped with a libraryand anadvancedlaboratory.

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