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Business School

The Business School of Minnan Normal University was established on February, 2015 by combining the former School of Economics and School of Management, and absorbing some majors from the former Department of History and Social Development and Overseas Education School.

The disciplines of the B-School cover economics and management, and it offers two master programs: Mathematic Economics and Mathematic Finance, Human Resources Management Psychology and one co-sponsor master program with the School of Marxism, namely the Fundamental Principles of Marxism. In the B-School there are about 3400 undergraduates specializing in the following 10 full-time majors: Economics, International Economics and Trade, Economic Statistics, Economics and Finance, Tourism Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Cultural Industry Management, Tourism Management and Service Education (Teachers-training Program). In addition, the B-School establishes joint bachelor-confer programs with Taiwan's universities(so-called 3+1 programs, which means students spend 3 years in Minnan Normal University and 1 year in a Taiwan’s universities) to recruit students learning Economics (focusing on Company Finance and Banking), International Economics and Trade and Human Resources Management. Now the B-school employs 100 faculty members, among whom 78 are full-time teachers, including 3 professors, 17 associate professors, 23 Ph.Ds and 16 Ph.D candidates.

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