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School of Law and Public Administration

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School of Law and Public Administration

At present the School of Law and Public Administration employs 51 full-time teachers, including 3 professors, 13 associate professors and 9 doctors. And more than 1400 undergraduate students are specializing in the following 4 full-time majors: Politics and Public Administration, Law, Social Work and Labor and Social Security. The School also offers 1 postgraduate research program in Marxism Law.

Following the principles of comprehensive planning, highlighting the key points and strengthening the characteristics, the School is refining its major orientation, fostering its innovative academic team and expanding the overall influence of its majors. It lays stress on its Judges Forum, Procurators Forum, Lawyers Forum and Administrative Forum to merge regional intellectual achievements into the major construction. The School obtains good results in innovating talents cultivation mode and improving the quality of talents cultivation by establishing “double-qualified instructors” system and arranging students to go in for such activities as offerring legal aids, doing volunteer work and involving in legal argumentation.

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