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The School of Foreign Studies is currently composed of the Departments of English Education, the Department of Translation and Business English, the Department of Japanese Language, and the Department of College English Teaching. As one of the biggest teaching units of the university ,the School offers master degrees in English Course and Teaching Methodology, and English Subject Teaching.

At present, the School employs 153 faculty members ,including 3 professors, 31 associate professors, 10 PHD holders and doctoral candidates, and 7 foreign lecturers.176 MA students and 1,800 full-time undergraduates are studying for their degrees in the School.

The Major of English Education has its own traditional advantages in cultivating teaching and administrative staff for basic education and teaching research institutes, while the majors of Translation, Business English, and Japanese are dedicated to the cultivation of application-oriented foreign language talents for the satisfaction of social demands, and graduates of these majors are highly praised by employers.

The School emphasizes on training professional skills and cultivating comprehensive qualities of students. Students in the School have outscored those in colleges and universities of its kind in TEM4 and TEM8 over the years. It has also established such student associtations as the Association of English Debate, the Association of English and Japanese Dramas. Many members have got good grades in national contests of teaching skills and the “FLTRP-Cup” English Debate Contest.

The School attaches great importance to education and teaching research. It keeps deepening reforms of courses and of its talent-cultivating modes. In the past 5 years, it has undertaken over 20 research projects at the provincial level or above, published over 20 books of monograph or translation, and shouldered the task of training academic pacesetters of middle school English subject for Fujian Province and academic pacesetters of elementary and middle school English subject for Zhangzhou City.

The School has been expanding academic cooperation and exchange with other colleges and universities at home and broad. It has established several student practice bases and innovation practice bases. It has built cooperation with Northeastern State University in USA, Guildford College in UK, and Nara Saho College in Japan and are practicing the model of “3 plus 1” for undergraduate students (i.e. 3 years in the School and 1 year abroad) and “exchanging students” with renowned institutions of higher education in China.

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