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    In over half a century, the

SchoolofChinese Languageand Literature and its predecessors focused on training a great number of excellent talents. Many of these students went on to establish successful careers in education and other industries.Dai Shenshi, Zheng Jingqu, Liu Xuepei, Li Tuozhi, Wu Qiushan, Chen Zhangwu achieved brilliant results in their fields. There have been numerous well-known scholars, e.g., Chen Bingzhao, Lin Jizhong, Liu Qingzhang, Tang Zhangping, Zhang Guixing, who taught at this school later, and went on to achieve fruitful results in their respectful academic fields.

    Undergraduate programs:Chinese Language and Literature Education, Chinese Language and Literature, and Chinese International Education andInstituteofCultural Poetry.

    Institutes:InstituteofChineseLanguage and Culture , Institute of Chinese Education, etc.

    Faculty:70 teaching staff, including 65 full-time teachers, and 15 professors. More than 49% of the teachers have a doctoral degree.

    Student population:1630 undergraduates, 169 postgraduates.


In recent years, the school has made an effective combination of their work and studies, and adheres to the student-oriented educational principle. The purpose is to cultivate high-quality and practical talents and improve the quality of teaching. On one hand, the goal of humanistic quality education is fostering high-quality students, who can read, think, and have good presentation skills. On the other hand, the school is working on training students to develop expertise. Its aim is not only to improve the students’ capability of application, but send qualified talents to Chinese education. It will provide versatile students who are good at planning, editing and writing for cultural creativity, video creation, publication, newspaper advertisements, digital and animation and so on.


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